Installing CJDNS on Fedora

(last tested on Fedora 22, those with fedora versions older than 22 should substitute yum for dnf.)


sudo dnf install git automake nodejs libseccomp-devel gcc

Getting cjdns

git clone

Building cjdns

cd cjdns/

Generating a config

./cjdroute --genconf > cjdroute.conf

Setting cjdns to autostart on boot.

First you'll want to edit contrib/systemd/cjdns.service to properly reflect where your cjdns binary and configuration are. Then, run these commands:

sudo cp cjdns.service /etc/systemd/system/cjdns.service # This gives systemd some information about cjdns.
sudo systemctl enable cjdns.service #This sets cjdns to be started on boot. if you don't want that, feel free to leave this line out.
sudo systemctl start cjdns.service #This actually starts cjdns.

Checking the logs:

sudo systemctl status -l cjdns