When is it appropriate to report a bug?

There are lots of known bugs in older revisions of cjdns. Many of them have been fixed. Before making a big issue of some odd behaviour, first ask yourself if you're using the latest crashey branch.

If you are not running the latest crashey, then it is quite likely the bug has already been fixed. While others out there may be experiencing the same bug, it is critical that you indicate which revision you were using when you encountered it. Others can then test for it on newer versions, and if it has been fixed, isolate where and how it was fixed.

What should I report?

  1. On which device are you encountering the issue?
  2. When was that device last updated?
  3. Do you have any other applications running which might interfere with some behaviour? (firewalls are a common cause of issues)
  4. On which OS/distro did you encounter the issue?